Local Tennessee Ingredients

One of the things we’re keen on is to make our spirits using heirloom grains and native Tennessee plants, not just things grown locally (which is also very important to us), but plants that grow here naturally (or have been grown here for centuries) as the main source for our botanicals.

That’s why we’ve spent the last two years growing Jimmy Red corn right here on Second Intention Farm. Jimmy Red is an heirloom moonshiner corn, famous for its flavor and coveted by chefs for the delicious pink cornmeal and grits it produces. Our first year, the farm bought seeds of this corn from a local farm supplier in Alabama and grew the crop on solely for seed corn. In the second year, the farm grew enough corn to plant twice as much for next year’s crop and still leave us with plenty to use in recipe development.

We’re also experimenting with a wide variety of native trees, shrubs, fruits, flowers and just good ol’ Tennessee weeds to bring you unique and delicious spirits that aren’t produced anywhere else but here, #downonthefarm.