Our Story

Just because a thing has been done a certain way forever doesn’t mean it can’t be improved.

No one knows that better than the farming families that still work the land all across Tennessee. Sometimes you have to come up with something that works better all by yourself. Sometimes you have to repurpose old equipment, invent a new tool or change the way you do things in order to thrive. While the pace of the countryside might be slower, rural ingenuity, perseverance and independent thinking are required to prosper.

But there are some things that should be done with more than just a passing nod to history. Your aunt’s chocolate pie, your grandmother’s coconut cake, your papa’s blackberry wine, you momma’s corn bread – these things should be made as close to the original as possible, using the recipes that honor their passion, their skill, and the great memories they made for those they loved.

At Engineered Spirits, we blend local ingredients, innovative approaches and downhome resourcefulness to make our products. We are mindful of the traditions of the past, but not afraid to improve upon them. We take what’s best from both the past and the present, and distill them together. The result is consistently delicious spirits that you can enjoy while making your own great memories.

We’ve just started walking this path. It’s going to require patience and determination to reach the end. But we are resolute, and we have some great footsteps to follow in. Join us on the journey.

Engineered Spirits, hand-crafted for your enjoyment. Sit a spell.